A Natural Choice For Your Hemophilia A Treatment

NUWIQ Closely Resembles Natural FVIII1,4-6

NUWIQ Does Not Contains Hamster Glycan Epitopes3

  • FVIII made from hamster cell lines may contain small amounts of animal proteins (also called glycan epitopes)4
  • The immune system may see glycan epitopes as foreign and produce antibodies (inhibitors) against it
Cell line comparisons

HEK = Human embryonic kidney; CHO = Chinese hamster ovary; BHK = Baby hamster kidney.

NUWIQ Has High Binding Affinity to von Willebrand Factor (VWF)2

  • VWF is another coagulation protein that’s important for helping the blood to clot2
  • In normal coagulation, FVIII and VWF bind and circulate together; VWF is like a chaperone for FVIII
  • This binding helps protect FVIII and keep it from being eliminated from the body too quickly2,4
  • Minimizing the amount of unbound FVIII in circulation may also help reduce the risk of inhibitor development2
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