Hemophilia A Patient Testimonials

Meet a group of interesting, engaged, and active Hemophilia A patients and learn how they are living their best lives with NUWIQ. Be inspired by their response to challenges and their real-world success stories.

Meet Seth Rojhani, a patient educator, athlete, and role model.

At age 28, Seth Rojhani is living proof that anything is possible. When he was just 6 months old, Seth was diagnosed with both severe Hemophilia A and cancer. A complication during tumor removal surgery caused T-2 level paraplegia, leaving Seth in a manual wheelchair ever since.“My situation was unique. Hemophilia was definitely a major issue, but there were other issues at the forefront for us as a family.” Read what Seth has to say about his journey and experience with NUWIQ.
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For me, NUWIQ really helped put an end to the breakthrough bleeds that would sometimes limit me. Now, when I play basketball, I make sure to infuse before every game.

Seth Rojhani

Meet Jeff Kunkel, a husband, father, manager and community advocate.

“I don’t have time to bleed!” That’s how Jeff Kunkel describes his busy and sometimes hectic lifestyle. Born and raised in Minnesota, Jeff is married with four children, three girls and one boy ranging in age from 2 to 12 years old. He also manages a busy grocery store, and is very active in the bleeding disorders community. Like many people with hemophilia A, Jeff was diagnosed shortly after birth. Read what Jeff has to say about his journey and experience with NUWIQ.
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With my previous recombinant product, I would get three or four nosebleeds a week. Since I started NUWIQ prophy, I haven’t had a single nosebleed—I’ve had no issue whatsoever.

Jeff Kunkel

Meet Dave Alderete, a recent business school graduate who keeps active.

Dave was born prematurely and spent the first year of his life in the hospital. He was diagnosed with hemophilia A at 15 months of age. Growing up in the southwest, Dave describes the biggest challenge of living with hemophilia A was just trying to be a kid and enjoy fun things: basketball, baseball, climbing, and bicycling. Read what Dave has to say about his journey and experience with NUWIQ.
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I was on my previous treatment 3 times per week. With NUWIQ, I was able to reduce it to twice per week. I feel like I’m able to do more.

Dave Alderete

Meet Chris Ingram, an active father with severe Hemophilia A.

Chris is an active father of two small children and thankful for the reliability he gets from NUWIQ. Learn why Chris chose NUWIQ.
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I love NUWIQ®. I’ve been infusing every other day—usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I used to get joint bleeds, but since starting on NUWIQ® I’ve had no real issues and I don’t feel sore. Over the last 3 years, I’ve discontinued use of 3 different products. I’m tired of switching—NUWIQ® is working for me.

Chris Ingram

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