FVIII Treatment is the Standard of Care for Hemophilia A

Trusted and Proven Safe and Effective Over Decades of Use

  • The way FVIII treatment works in the body is well understood by the doctors and nurses who prescribe it
  • The ability to accurately measure your FVIII levels with routine laboratory tests, like the chromogenic and one-stage assays, has helped make FVIII treatment the standard of care for Hemophilia
  • Lifelong treatment with FVIII replacement is recommended to maintain homeostasis, preserve joint function, and protect against bleeding events1,2

Why is Hemophilia A Treated with FVIII Replacement?

  • Hemophilia A is an inherited bleeding disorder that results from a deficiency of a coagulation protein called Factor VIII (FVIII).
  • It’s only natural then, that the management of Hemophilia A is generally based on the replacement of the missing FVIII protein1

Not all FVIII Treatments Are the Same

There are important differences in the way they are produced, purified, and formulated before they can be infused

rFVIII Protein from a Human Cell Line

rFVIII Protein from Hamster Cell Lines

NUWIQ – A Natural Choice in Hemophilia A Treatment

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