NUWIQ® – Proven Efficacy

Prophylaxis With NUWIQ Markedly Reduced Bleeding Frequency1

In Clinical Trials of Standard Prophylaxis With NUWIQ in Adult (N=32) and Pediatric (N=59) Patients Treated for ≥6 Months1,*


Median ABR
Spontaneous Bleeds
Adults and Children

In Adults
Median ABR for All Bleeds is 0.9

In Children
Median ABR for All Bleeds is 1.9

ABR = annualized bleeding rate.

* NUWIQ prophylaxis regimen: every other day or 3 times per week for ≥ 6 months.

All Patients Experienced Fewer Bleeds with NUWIQ Prophylaxis vs On-Demand Treatment With Another FVIII Product1,2,†

Patients were switched from on-demand therapy (pre-study) with another FVIII product
to prophylaxis with NUWIQ

Prophylaxis Treatment with NUWIQ in Adults

in a study with 32 adults treated with prophylaxis for 6 months or more (median Annualized Bleed Rate (ABR) was 0.9)

Prophylaxis treatment with NUWIQ in Children

in a study with 59 children treated with prophylaxis for 6 months or more (median Annualized Bleed Rate (ABR) was 1.9)

On-Demand Treatment Readily Controlled Bleeding3,4

In Adults Patients Receiving On-Demand Treatment with NUWIQ

N=986 bleeds evaluated

Bleeds Resolved With 1 Infusion

Bleeds Resolved
With 1 or 2 Infusions

94% of on-demand responses to NUWIQ rated as “excellent” or “good”1

Control and Prevention of Bleeding During and After Surgery1

Thirty three surgical procedures (N=19)

In 100% of minor surgeries hemostasis rated as "excellent"

In 92% of major surgeries hemostasis rated as "excellent" or "good"

Personalized prophylaxis has the potential to improve care and enable fewer infusions

Personalized Prophylaxis
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