Personalized Prophylaxis with NUWIQ

Optimizing FVIII therapy can be challenging—balancing dose and dosing frequency to prevent or reduce bleeding, while minimizing side effects, increasing convenience, and controlling overall treatment costs. Every hemophilia patient is unique, so a “one size fits all” approach to FVIII prophylaxis is not ideal.

Personalized prophylaxis, whereby FVIII dose and dosing frequency is tailored to a patient’s individual pharmacokinetic data, has the potential to optimize care and enable fewer infusions.1

Benefits of using patient pharmacokinetic data for personalized prophylaxis

The NuPreviq Study Showed that Personalized Prophylaxis with NUWIQ is Effective1

  • The NuPreviq trial studied PK-guided personalized prophylaxis in 66 previously treated adult patients with severe Hemophilia A
  • The study included:
    • A 72-hour PK assessment
    • 6 months of PK-guided personalized prophylaxis based on individual PK information

NUWIQ Provided Effective Bleeding Protection During Personalized Prophylaxis

Annualized bleeding rates (ABRs) during 6 months of personalized prophylaxis

Median ABRs:
All Bleeds
Spontaneous bleeds
Traumatic bleeds
Joint bleeds

of patients were
bleed free

of patients were spontaneous bleed free

Personalized Prophylaxis with NUWIQ Enabled the Majority of Patients to Extend Their Dosing Interval to Twice Weekly or Less1

Personalized Prophylaxis with NUWIQ

  • The median dosing interval during personalized prophylaxis with NUWIQ was 3.5 days
  • 57% of patients achieved twice per week dosing or less
  • Average FVIII trough levels in the study were 2.7% to 4.2%

Consider Personalized Prophylaxis to Optimize Dosing for Your Patients Treated with NUWIQ

  • Personalized prophylaxis has the potential to optimize care and enable fewer infusions1
  • The NuPreviq clinical study showed that personalized prophylaxis with NUWIQ is effective

Help When Your Patients Need It

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  1. Lissitchkov T, Rusen L, Georgiev P, et al. PK-guided personalized prophylaxis with NUWIQ (human-cl rhFVIII) in adults with severe haemophilia A. Haemophilia. 2017; April:1-7 (DOI: 10.1111/hae.13251).