NUWIQ® – A Natural Choice for Patients with Hemophilia A

What is NUWIQ?

NUWIQ is a recombinant Factor VIII (rFVIII) for the treatment of adults and children with Hemophilia A that’s produced using human cells, not hamster cells1,2. In fact, NUWIQ is the first and only rFVIII produced in human cells without chemical modification or protein fusion. We call it ‘A Natural Choice’.

  • The rFVIII protein produced by human cells closely resembles the FVIII the body produces naturally3
  • May help reduce the risk of forming neutralizing antibodies (inhibitors) to FVIII.3
  • FVIII replacement therapy has been proven to be safe and effective over decades of use4.
  • The ability to accurately measure FVIII levels with routine laboratory tests, like the chromogenic and one-stage assays, has helped make FVIII treatment the standard of care for Hemophilia A.

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NUWIQ is the first and only rFVIII produced in a human cell line without chemical modification or protein fusion.

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